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  1. Investigation: Is Your SSD More Reliable Than A Hard Drive?

    ...July 29, 2011 by Andrew Ku at http://www.tomshardware.com

    • Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been replacing standard hard drives in high end data centers for years. Traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) have motors with disks that spin at 5400 RPM or higher and Read/Write heads that move rapidly and constantly. SSDs use memory similar to flash drives instead of disks to store information. They have no moving parts to wear out.

    • Does a lack of moving parts translate to higher reliability? That's the assumption many enthusiasts and IT professionals make about SSDs. In this article the author and team go straight to the data centers using these devices, dig into failure rate statistics, and suggest otherwise.

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  2. Choose Your Tax Preparer Wisely

    ...By Marcia Richards Suelzer, Toolkit Staff Writer, www.toolkit.com 02.17.2012

    • "Check the preparer's qualifications.

    • Work Smart. Tax professionals come in three basic flavors: attorney, accountant and enrolled agent. The best person for your tax work will depend upon your needs and goals.

      • -Attorney: An attorney is essential if you have any reason to suspect that there may be major skeletons in your tax compliance closet.
      • -Accountant: If you are interested in working with the person as an ongoing business advisor--for example, planning business expansions, asset acquisitions or selecting inventory valuation methods--then you should consider working with an accountant. An accountant will also be familiar with all the nuances of tax return forms and schedules.
      • -Enrolled Agent: If your interest is solely in tax preparation, then an enrolled agent would meet your needs. Enrolled Agents have passed a three-part, comprehensive IRS exam covering individual and business returns. They must adhere to ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years. EAs have unlimited practice rights before the IRS, which means they can represent clients for any tax matter before the IRS."
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  3. New Mac Malware Fools Customers, But Threat Still Relatively Small

    ...Brian X. Chen - WIRED Magazine 05.19.2011

    • "A new piece of malware has caused an uptick in Apple customers reporting infected machines, renewing a timeless debate on the state of Macintosh security versus Windows.

      The trojan horse is called Mac Defender. It's a web pop-up containing a spoof message that tells customers their machines are infected by a virus and they must install anti-virus software. If customers agree to install the software, the program sporadically loads porn websites on their computer.

      ZDNet writer Ed Bott was first to spot a long thread of complaints in Apple’s support forums related to Mac Defender, with at least 200 posts of customers reporting they’ve been infected by the malware. "
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  4. Employee Vs. Contractor: Applying the Common Law test to determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor basically consists of analyzing the level of control the employer exerts over the worker.

    ...Joseph Isaksen - Choice Payroll, Inc Posted: 03.28.2011

    • "The more control possessed by the employer (especially over the means of accomplishing a task rather than the end result), the more likely a worker is an employee. Control, in this instance, is defined as the level of legal right to direct rather than the level of direction actually provided.

      The IRS uses a twenty-question test to assess the level of control. Yes answers provide evidence of an employer - employee relationship. "

    • Download this simple one page explanation:

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  5. Now you can run Microsoft Security Essentials on up to 10 business PCs

    ...InfoWorld, 10.8.2010

    • Quote from the article, "I've been using Microsoft Security Essentials for more than a year, since the earliest beta builds. All of the PCs in my house run it, and it protects my home business. I recommend it to my clients and friends. I even rewrote several big chunks in "Windows 7 All-in-One for Dummies" to vouch for Microsoft Security Essentials over any other antivirus product. It's that good."
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      Download Microsoft Security Essentials Here

  6. Is is OK for me to use my neighbor’s wireless internet connection?

    ...A&J Computers Blog, 08.31.2009

    • 1) Don’t access an open wireless network unless it’s from a commercial service (e.g. Internet hot spots)

    • 2) Make sure your wireless network is secure from access (most devices have an easy to follow set of steps to secure your connection)

    • 3) If you are accessing one of the many public Internet connections available, have your firewall turned on, anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed correctly

    • 4) If you see any suspicious activity, call the police – it’s a felony to gain access to a computer or computer network without authorization.
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  7. Unleashing the Power - Tony Robbins
    Helping people reach their greatest potential

    ...Posted June 13, 2010

    • (Success Magazine) -- "The bottom line is that people have within them a force that is so powerful, there is nothing that can keep them from doing, being, sharing, creating and giving whatever they envision in life," Robbins continues. "My entire life is helping people unleash that power...

    • As economic uncertainty continues to shake Wall Street and Main Street, many success-minded professionals are being put to the test. Robbins' work is particularly relevant now, when people can call on his tools to keep their heads together and develop what he calls "emotional fitness."

      "If you're psychologically strong enough, you can not only survive, but you can thrive when tough situations occur, as opposed to letting the environment control you and take over," he says. "It's really about mastering strength within yourself so that you can conquer the outer world around you."

      Robbins continues to attract thousands of people to packed arenas all over the world, seeking to take their lives to the next level. The human spirit is what inspires him. Human potential actualized is what drives him.

      But momentum wasn't always on his side. The 48-year-old Robbins vividly remembers the days when he was living in a stark, 400-square-foot apartment in Venice, Calif., and reduced to washing dishes in the bathtub. He was 30 pounds overweight, had a dead-end job, and in relationships that weren't working.

      Lesson: Be obsessed with helping make others successful.

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