Power Checklists

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Bus IRS Closing a Business Checklist There are typical actions that are taken when closing a business. You must file an annual return for the year you go out of business. If you have employees, you must file the final employment tax returns, in addition to making final federal tax deposits of these taxes.
Bus Office Office Energy Checklist The following is a simple checklist of energy conservation/efficiency measures to use at the office. 
Bus Publishing Document Checklist for Plain Language Use this checklist to see if your document meets plain language standards. (If you are writing for the web, here's the additional weblist.) Click on the links for a brief explanation of each standard. 
Pers Auto A Winterizing Checklist for Your Car Need to winterize your car but unsure what to do? Check out MSN Autos' Winterizing Checklist of essential tips.
Pers Auto Car Buyer's Checklist To help you navigate that next step in the car-buying process and emerge with the most car for the money, we've put together this checklist of what every car buyer should consider before signing on the dotted line. 
Pers Auto New-Car Test-Drive Checklist Print copies of this checklist to take along with you on new-car test drives, and hang onto them for future reference.
Pers Auto Roadside Emergency Kit: What to Carry With You A few basic items can help you get back on the road quicker.
Pers Finance Estate Planning Checklist This initial estate planning questionnaire is presented in a narrative form. The detailed explanations and the space provided for answers are designed to garner more complete and helpful information than would be afforded by merely filling in blanks.  Prepared by FindLaw.
Pers Finance Tax Preparation Checklist Before you begin to prepare your income tax return, go through the following checklist. Not every category will apply to you, so just pick those that do, and make sure you have that information available.  Provided by Turbo-Tax
Pers Health How bikeable is your community? Some communities are more bikeable than others: how does yours rate? Read over the questions in this checklist and then take a ride in your community, perhaps to the local shops, to visit a friend, or even to work. See if you can get where you want to go by bicycle
Pers Health How walkable is your community? Everyone benefits from walking. These benefits include: improved fitness, cleaner air, reduced risks of certain health problems, and a greater sense of community. But walking needs to be safe and easy. Take a walk with your child and use this checklist
to decide if your neighborhood is a friendly place to walk.
Pers Health Women: Stay Healthy at Any Age Use the information here to help you stay healthy. Learn about which screening tests to get, whether you need medicines to prevent diseases, and steps you can take for good health. US Department Of Health & Human Services.
Pers Home Disaster Supply Kit Prepare your home in case of a disaster.
Pers Home Home Energy Checklist Broken down by what can be done Today, This Week, This Month and This Year. American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Pers Home Home Inventory Checklist An accurate inventory and proof of ownership at the time of a loss can make claim settlement easier and faster. The inventory will take time to compile, but the time and frustration it may save you later will more than make up for it. This checklist will help you compile your home inventory. Provided by State Farm
Pers Home Home Maintenance Checklist Keep your home in shape year-round. Article by Bob Vila
Pers Home HUD Home Buying Checklist You'll want to make several copies of this checklist and fill one out for each home you tour. Then, comparing your ratings later will be easy.
Pers Home Moving checklist - moving reminders A very extensive and well laid out set of steps provide by Mayflower - America's Moving Company.
Pers Parenting Is This the Right Place for My Child? Is This the Right Place for My Child? 38 Research-Based Indicators of High-Quality Child Care. Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Pers Recreation Backpacking Checklist Note: This list is intentionally extensive; not every backpacker will bring every item on every trip. Provided by REI
Pers Travel Traveler's Checklist Provided by the Department of Homeland Security
Pro Finance Business Loan Checklist While every loan program has specific forms you need to fill out and documents you need to submit, you will likely need to submit much of the same information for different loan packages. Before you start applying for loans, you should get some basic documentation together. The following are typical items that will be required for any small business loan application:
Pro Publishing Fair Use Checklist The Fair Use Checklist and variations on it have been widely used for many years to help educators, librarians, lawyers, and many other users of copyrighted works determine whether their activities are within the limits of fair use under U.S. copyright law.
Rec Aircraft Aircraft Checklists Free Aircraft Checklists to Download - from Cessna 150 to Boeing 747. The web's largest collection of checklists.
Tech Email Gmail security checklist Whether you just regained access to Gmail, or you want to make sure your account is secure, take a minute to complete our Gmail security checklist to make sure your mail security measures are up to date.
Tech Website 45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires Designing websites can be a long and complicated process. Dealing with clients, designing prototypes, coding, programming, and testing – there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot to make sure gets done. That’s where checklists can make your life a whole lot easier.
Tech Website Google Ranking Factors - SEO Checklist There are "over 200 SEO factors" that Google uses to rank pages in the Google search results (SERPs). What are the search engine optimization rules?
Here is the speculation - educated guesses by SEO webmasters on top webmaster forums.
Tech Website Human Ability and Accessibility Center Developer guidelines - Web checklist Understanding accessibility requires an awareness of the special needs of multiple user groups, including people with disabilities and mature users with age-related disabilities. A person with a disability may encounter one or more barriers that can be eliminated or minimized by the software or Web developer, the assistive technology, or the underlying operating system software and hardware platform.
Tech Website Web Design Checklist 165 Mortal Sins That Will Send Your Site to Web Design Hell. Rather humorous but accuate.
Tech Website Web standards checklist  This is not an uber-checklist. There are probably many items that could be added. More importantly, it should not be seen as a list of items that must be addressed on every site that you develop. It is simply a guide that can be used: (a) to show the breadth of web standards (b)  as a handy tool for developers during the production phase of websites (c) as an aid for developers who are interested in moving towards web standards.
Tech Website Webmaster Tools Checklist Ready to get started with Google Webmaster Tools? We've brought together key information to help you get up and running quickly.