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  1. How Endigrow Can Help

    • A business is a set of processes.

      As a fellow entrepreneur I got started by taking action. From my years in business at many levels, I understand where you might be now.

      In the beginning, you saw something others did not and you acted. You worked out the details as you went along. You developed "Know-How". You use your intuition daily to address issues as they arise.

      You purchased computers, faxes, copiers, phones, more phones, printers, software... Friends gave advice about what to buy. Some worked; some did not. Sometimes you ran out of time or got frustrated.

      You need this stuff to be a part of your business - to work for you.

      Sometimes you spend hours trying to get equipment to do things that should be simple. Separately they work fine but together there is chaos.

      Now your business is growing. You find you cannot do all you need to do. There are not enough hours in the day. This can be a good thing.

      But the balance of business and personal life is difficult to manage. You need help. You have contracted or hired others to assist but they do not know the business the way you know the business. You worry more than before.

      No one sees the whole picture the way you do.

      You are self-employed but are you in business?

      Can you sell your business or are you your business?

      How big do you want your business to grow?

      Do you want to see how far it can go or be just big enough?


      Apply universal principles to help entrepreneurs design and refine their business models and to empower individuals and organizations through the development and application of appropriate technology.

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  2. Growth and Stability

    • My goal is to help you:

      Find and address the inefficiencies in your business

      Standardize your business processes

      Stabilize your office environment with optimal effort and expense

      Grow to the next level with deliberate speed

      First I help your business grow and in the end - I grow.

      I am not successful unless my clients are growing and thriving.

      I help you assess where you are, where you are going and what is needed to grow toward your goals.

      I can help "fix" your business computers, databases, Websites and other technology specific issues, but FIRST, I can help you verify that your business is doing the "Right Things" and not just "Doing Things Right".

      I can help you develop processes that help everyone in your organization get on the same page.

      I then train you to use proven Growth Tools to move to the next level

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  3. North Georgia Service Area

    • I provide onsite Business Consulting, Computer and Network Management, Website Design and Implementation, Database Management and Custom Reporting primarily in Cobb County, GA and Cherokee County, GA including current clients in:

      Acworth, GA

      Woodstock, GA

      Kennesaw, GA

      Marietta, GA

      Canton, GA

      North Atlanta, GA

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  4. FREE Growth Assessment

    • The EndiGrow process starts with a free Business Growth Assessment. Each Assessment begins with an Interview with you to:

      Understand your business or organization at a high level

      Understand what works and what does not

      Understand the set of solutions your business is considering

      Develop and Assessment Strategy - what aspects of your business could benefit most from a Growth Assessment and who needs to participate.

      I then spend up to two hours in a strictly confidential Consultation and Examination of your business tools and processes. This often includes key personnel and a tour of your computer and network environment.

      Within as few as two business days of the Interview, Consultation and Examination a Personal Presentation is offered to report the findings.

      The Presentation will include:

      Executive Summary

      Assessment Activities Overview

      Open Issues


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  5. What's the Catch?

    • My experience has shown this is a win-win opportunity.

      You get another point of view based on direct knowledge of your business


      I get a chance to show you how my experience can help you properly adapt the tools of big business to your growth needs.

      You are, of course, free to take my recommendations and implement them without my assistance. Even then we both win by learning something new. The more businesses I assist, the more solutions I find to apply to others. This is NOT giving away trade secrets to your competitors. That I do not do. Rather I find or develop processes and tools for one industry that can be adapted to another.

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  6. Sharing Solutions that Work

    • The Power of Experience

      In 2005, a durable medical company needed my IT expertise on-demand but not full-time. So did several other entrepreneurs in a variety of industries and professions.

      For example , a lawyer client needed to share his calendar and email with his legal secretary but did not need to spend thousands of dollars on special services or software. I found an existing tool for under $200 for five users that met his needs. It also met the needs of the durable medical company's shared electronic fax requirements.

      Across town, a mortgage broker needed to share email. The same tool also met their needs with some adaptation.

      Soon, the broker needed to shift focus after the failure in the sub-prime lending market. I was there to help. Part of the solution included reducing costs and improving efficiencies. A Voice Over IP (VOIP) solution replaced their aging phone system and a paperless office solution with scanners on every desk replaced stacks of boxes in rented storage rooms.

      The same mortgage broker needed a disaster recovery plan that included off-site backup of critical data to enable them to restart business quickly in the event of a disaster like an office fire or equipment theft.

      Part of their Disaster Recovery Solution was an off-site service that I had already implemented for the durable medical supply company to replace the less efficient tool provided by their network provider.

      Then, the medical supply company, in turn, was able to use the paperless solution to scan over 3000 patients' records. This improved response time when patients or doctors made inquiries.

      A builder caught in the housing crunch needed to switch to remodeling. This required a shift in processes and technology. I recommended a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and helpd combine it with the paperless solution used by the two other clients.

      Get the picture?

      In each case, EndiGrow was able to leverage solutions across my client base.

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  7. Are you Eligible?

    • EndiGrow is focused on working with entrepreneurs and organizations in North Georgia. I currently have customers in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth and Woodstock. My customers are from the legal, health care, recreational and finance professions. I have worked with for-profit and non-profit; mail-order and retail; single employee and multiple employee environments.

      I even do repairs, installations and service on residential computers and networks.

      Although my geographic focus is limited at present for on-site assessments I am willing to consider each customer on a case by case basis.

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  8. Is this for me?

    • A career of assisting all sizes of business from a wide variety of industries and geographies has taught me what works consistently.

      You are probably using a number of sound, proven principles already. Are there some overlooked principles that will help propel you from survive to thrive?

      The only way to know for sure is to call me at:


      or drop me an email to:


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  9. Experience

    • Damon Endicott

      Owner: Damon Endicott

      Master of Science in Marketing from Georgia State University

      Focus on Marketing Research -
      understanding how to apply information about your customers to help build a loyal customer base

    • 12 years with a Marketing Research division of Equifax
      Statistical expertise, Data Processing Manager, Programming and database development and support working with clients from many industries including:

      Telecommunications (AT&T, Bellsouth,...)

      Retail (Best Buy, Lowe's, ...)

      Consumer Goods (Proctor and Gamble, GE, ...)

      5 years with Hewlett-Packard's Outsourcing Division
      High speed data connections, Enterprise routers, raised floor data-center design and build out, process integration between client and outsourcing vendor, Help Desk support, world-wide Network support. Companies included:

      Ford Motor Company




      "K" Line America

      many more

      Over five years as a Business Owner
      Continuous work with multiple clients in a variety of industries and fields including:

      Durable Medical Equipment - including two successful Medicare Accreditation Projects in Woodstock, GA and Cumming, GA

      Remodeling Firms in Woodstock, GA and Acworth, GA - including experience with CompuTool, Quickbooks Contractor

      Law Firms - multiple small firms in Marietta, GA

      Outdoor Advertising and Lighting in Marietta, GA

      Manufacturing Equipment Sales

      many more

      Extensive Technical Expertise since 1983

      Installed and currently support multiple Windows Server 2003 systems

      Installed and currently support multiple wired & wireless networks

      Support multiple CBeyond phone and Internet contracts

      Extensive work with Microsoft Access and SQL - if Access can I can.

      Multiple website design and implementations including this one using Dreamweaver with complex Javascript functions.

      Multiple paperless office implementations using PaperPort, myFax, eFax, and more

      25+ years experience with computer hardware build, repair and installation

      Specialize in finding the right Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, negotiating the technical details and managing implementation

      Many years experience with foreign data format conversions

      Disaster Recovery Planning and Business COntinuity Planning Experience with multiple Fortune 1000 firms

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