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  1. PC Repair

    • Do you have a PC Virus that needs to be removed? Is your laptop or desktop running slowly? Do you need a network configured? Do you need a server installed or managed? Could you recover your precious data when disaster strikes?

      Call for a free PC repair estimate in and around Cobb County Georgia. You will receive a not-to-exceed price.

    • If its not fixed you don't pay.

      EndiGrow provides laptop and desktop setup and repair for all Windows operating systems while specializing in Windows 7:

      PC Repair

      PC Virus removal and protection

      PC Laptop and Desktop Optimization

      Home and Office Network Design and Setup


      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE repair assessment.

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  2. Needs Assessment

    • Often, I feel I have no time to assess my current needs because I am so busy putting out fires - fires often caused by lack of planning in the past. I grab at the nearest solution and plug it in to my existing processes as best I can.

      At other times, I am fairly sure what I need, but do not know of a solution that will work or one at a price I can afford. So, I continue to use time worn solutions even though I know there must be a better way.

      Sometimes, my existing solutions are working well at my current level of business but do not match new opportunities for growth recently encountered.

      How do I end this cycle and gain control?

      EndiGrow, as an experienced consultant, can generally help you in just a few hours:

      assess what works and what does not

      clarify and prioritize your needs

      develop a feasible plan of action

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!

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  3. Business Planning

    • Do you have a Business Plan? Is it up-to-date? Does your plan include sections on:

      Financials - cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheet

      Customer Base - who is your audience? How will you reach them?

      Competition - what advantages do you have over your competition?

      Operations - what activities are needed to run your business: daily, weekly and monthly?

      Future Plans - do you have a plan for sustainability?

      Are you planning on obtaining outside funding in the next year. If so, there are generally two business plans according to SCORE:

      Internal with confidential operational and long range planning and

      External with more detailed financial information and projections deigned to convince as well as inform

      Will your External Plan be ready and up-to-date when you need it?
      Does your External version meet certain minimum requirements?

      A proper plan can take weeks or months to do completely but while much of that must be done by you, you do not have to do it all yourself.

      My background in marketing research, for instance, can provide you with a better assessment of your competition and your customers.

      My experience across many types of businesses can help you decided what is nice to include and what is truly necessary

      Target your presentation to the specific audience: each institution has slightly different expectations

      Separate reality from wishful thinking

      EndiGrow, can help you at any stage of your business planning process from a few hours of assessment and review to full research and development of both your Internal and External Business Plans.

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!

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  4. Marketing and Customer Database Services

    • If you keep in touch with your customers, they are more likely to think of you first when they need what you sell.

      At first, your business can manage with simple customer lists on paper or in a word processor or spreadsheet. None of these tools allows you the flexibility to make the most of your current customer base as the business grows. At the same time you do not need anything fancy.

      EndiGrow has developed tools tailored to the needs of small business. These can be used as is or adapted with just a few hours effort to your specific needs. Then I can train your staff and provide technical support.

      EndiGrow can also provide assistance with your marketing plan:

      Do you have a written plan?

      How effective is your plan?

      What is your target audience?

      Which media has the best track record at the best price for your message?


      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!

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  5. Process Capture and Documentation

    • When Toyota revolutionized manufacturing with what is known today as Just-In-Time or Lean Thinking, they focused on what the Japanese call muda - waste. Eliminating wasted labor and material results in a direct effect on the bottom line profit. I know waste after the fact, but how do I identify waste before it happens?

      Process improvement is not just for the Big-Boys in your industry. It is even more critical for the entrepreneur. It is how I identify what works and what does not.

      Having undocumented processes that are a kind of group knowledge or culture in your business will work for a time.

      If you are to grow, however, you need to add employees. To train employees quickly and effectively you will need written processes.

      To get a team working together they need to know how things should be done.

      To improve your current processes you need to understand how things get done today.

      The Keys to the EndiGrow service offering involve helping you:

      identify waste in your processes,

      develop the right amount of process documentation for your operation

      help develop a culture of Lean Thinking

      I call it Uncover, Discover, Discard and Develop

      Uncover the hidden waste in your operations

      Discover patterns of activity, designs of the work environment and other issues that lead to waste

      Discard those activities that cause waste - change the work environment where feasible

      Develop new activities and environments that encourage waste reduction on a daily basis

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!
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  6. Network Design, Implementation and Support

    • Many entrepreneurs start a business with maybe one computer and a dream. As the business grows, solutions developed early on need to be duplicated and information shared.

      In today's business world this often requires a network at your place of business. It may also require that team members have access to your data and information outside the office. That access needs to be easy to learn and secure from prying or malicious eyes.

      EndiGrow has experience:

      with most network equipment - from Ethernet Switches to Wireless Routers to Enterprise Routers

      with data circuits - from dial-up to fiber-optic rings carrying the equivalent of over 5000 T1 connections on a single strand.

      with bundled services - from Voice Over IP (VOIP) to Blackberry synchronization with Outlook Calendars, to Software as a Service

      with network security - from securing your wireless network from roaming eyes to isolated LANs to firewalls and SSL

      What I cannot setup, I can coordinate for you as a part of the total service offering.

      I can handle basic cabling needs and coordinate your most complex data network requirements. I now support and install Phone Switches or Phone Equipment. I can work closely with your current vendors including CBeyond, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.

      The cost of network hardware has dropped rapidly in the last five years. The effort to implement a basic network has been reduced by smart hardware. But just because it was easy to setup does not mean you network is secure or stable.

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!
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  7. Server Design, Implementation and Support

    • Many entrepreneurs start a business with maybe one computer and a dream. As the business grows, solutions developed early on need to be duplicated and information shared. The unplanned progression towards a server based computer system often goes like this:

      One computer does it all but then I need another computer to focus on some task.

      I now have issues with information on the two systems not matching so I add a switch or simple router to allow true information sharing

      I now have what is known as Peer-to-Peer - each workstation shares storage and printers with other workstations. None is dedicated to the task of Serving. Each is used by a person to get work done. This begins to cause problems so I move to...

      Placing a workstation in a closet or under a desk and calling it a "Server". It has the same operating system it did when it sat on someones desk. It is just out of the way so it is not shutdown by accident.

      As the business grows I find that the operating system that worked OK for Peer-to-Peer is unable to take us to the next level...

      So I need help because Server Implementation and Support is not an area where I need to focus.

      And, by the way, I know I should be backing up the key information on the hard drive but it is not a priority for anybody in the company. I always remember this at night just before going to sleep.

      EndiGrow can help - and not just in installing a Server and protecting your data. I have experience supporting systems at each of these levels. I know how to make it work efficiently at price you can manage.

      Server Design, Implementation and Support involve:

      1. a. developing a server vision in light of your business plan,
      2. b. creating a set of hardware and service design specifications
      3. c. creating a project plan to implement the design
      4. d. communicating and negotiating with vendors,
      5. e. monitoring progress,
      6. f. installing or supervising installation and testing,
      7. g. incorporating the new equipment into a disaster recovery plan and
      8. h. monitoring the server status and performance after install


      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!
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  8. Web Site Design, Implementation and Support

    • In today's business world your customers and even your vendors expect you to have a website. The effort to set up and maintain a simple site is well spent, even if it only adds to your legitimacy and helps people contact you.

      Many entrepreneurs, setting up a site for the first time, over estimate what the site will do for revenue. They spend far too much for very little clear return on their investment.

      EndiGrow can help you setup a basic web site in a very short amount of time.

      If your revenue is going to be driven from your web site with online payments and customers tracking their own orders, you need a site that is much more involved. I can help you assess your needs and find a developer who can deliver results sooner and for maybe far less cost than you could find on your own. I can help you develop a clear set of specifications that web designers can understand and follow. Often there is a near ready made solution for your needs that allows you or your staff to maintain and update content.

      EndiGrow can help you setup a complex web site in less time and possibly at a lower cost than you could on your own. If I cannot, I will let you know up front.

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!
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  9. Database Design and Implementation

    • Entrepreneurs operating on a shoestring and needing a database often start with Excel or even Word. This may work well at first but it easily gets out of hand. The largest of my competitors may have whole IT departments to support databases that do essentially the same tasks on a larger scale. In some ways, this gives us a competitive advantage in flexibility - but it can be a headache.

      Is there a middle of the road or transitional solution?

      For most entreprenuers, database requirements are fairly simple but unique - unique because by definition entrepreneurs are blazing new trails. I thrive on new and more efficient ways of delivering existing goods or services or inventing whole new industries. Therefore, many existing canned solutions fall short of meeting my needs.

      Custom solutions do not have to come at great expense. EndiGrow uses working solutions from my existing customer base to assemble customized solutions without building new solutions from scratch. If the functions you need could benefit others, EndiGrow may even consider sharing the cost of development.

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!

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  10. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

    • How soon could you be back in business after a major fire or flood?

      What records and resources can you not afford to lose?

      When your hard disk crashes, will you be able to retore it without major loss?

      How long will your customers be willing to suffer before they look for an alternate source?

      Do you ever lose sleep over these questions?

      Many entrepreneurs only get DRP religion after going through the hell of a disaster.

      But with proper guidance, DRP is not as expensive or difficult as many fear.

      EndiGrow helps you assess:

      what assets are truly necessary for business

      how those assets can be assembled after a disaster

      what steps can be taken to reduce the risk of a disaster

      what steps can be taken to reduce the impact of the most likely scenarios

      As with insurance, a DRP plan with 100% protection is often not affordable, attainable or desirable. I help you determine what level is right for you.

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!

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  11. System and Network Hardware Maintenance, Upgrade and Repair

    • As your business grows, your computer and network infrastucture requires regular upgrades to meet changing needs.

      As systems and hardware age, they need regular preventive maintenance and sometimes repair.

      EndiGrow can act as your on demand IT Department. For a monthly retainer fee, I can be on-call with a range of plans to meet your budget and uptime requirements. This service is based on a Service Level Agreement where you choose the level of service that suits your needs.

      If you own your own business and have a repair need right now, I can give you a free estimate even if that means coming on-site (if the equipment is within my current service area).

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!
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  12. Anti-"Malware" Services

    • According to the on-line encyclopedia "Wikipedia", Malware or Malicious Software is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent.

      The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.

      Infectious malware: viruses and worms are designed to sneak into your system and do harm. There is no direct monetary gain for the authors. Today, some draw the distinction between viruses and worms by saying that a virus requires user intervention to spread, whereas a worm spreads automatically.

      Concealment: Trojan horses, rootkits and backdoors - By disguising a malicious program as something innocuous or desirable, users may be tempted to install it without knowing what it does. This is the technique of the Trojan horse or trojan.

      Rootkits can prevent a malicious process from being reported in the process table, or keep its files from being read.

      A backdoor is a method of bypassing normal authentication procedures. Hackers typically use backdoors to secure remote access to a computer, while attempting to remain hidden from casual inspection.

      Malware for profit: spyware, adware, botnets, loggers, and dialers- Spyware programs are commercially produced for the purpose of gathering information about computer users.

      Adware is showing pop-up ads, or altering web-browser behavior for the financial benefit of the adware creator.

      Other malware for profit directly uses the infected computers to do work for the creator. The infected computers are used as proxies to send out spam messages for instance.

      There are as many ways to profit as there are warped programmers to write the code.

      It may not be possible to be completely immune. One expert said the only way to full immunity is to encase your computer in concrete and chains and drop it in the ocean. In general, the greater the protection the more difficult it is for legitimate users to use the computer.

      Entrepreneurs as risk-takers are more likely to be careless and overly optimistic than overly protective.

      EndiGrow can help you:

      protect your business

      at a price you can afford

      with an acceptable level of effort for you and your staff.

      Call 678-457-0618 to setup your FREE initial assessment. Luck favors the prepared mind!

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