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EndiGrow began at the end of 2005 with one client in the Health Care industry. The company had been in business for some time but was reorganizing. After assessing what worked and what did not, a plan was developed and implemented. This included:

  • consolidating roles and responsibilities
  • developing a business plan
  • developing a presentation for the banks and potential investors
  • developing a marketing strategy
  • stabilizing and documenting the computer environment

Today the firm is healthy, stable and growing.

Other clients followed as a result of word-of-mouth. Each required assistance in one or more of these areas. Many required some software development or integration and Web design and implementation.

During this period EndiGrow assisted individuals with hardware, anti-virus services and other computer consulting services.

Recently, the focus has been on:

  1. Webmaster duties,
  2. Windows Training,
  3. Anti-Virus removal for individuals,
  4. Applications support for existing customers,
  5. Desktop and laptop repair and upgrades.  

Additional activities include:

  1. Client Team Building Interviews with Owner Feedback,
  2. Windows Server management,
  3. Extensive work with mySQL and SQL Server including stored views and procedures,
  4. Project manage programmers and developers in India,
  5. Wired and wireless networking,
  6. Disaster Recovery planning and remote backup implementation.

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Owner: Damon Endicott

Master of Science in Marketing from Georgia State University

Focus on Marketing Research -
understanding how to apply information about your customers to help build a loyal customer base

12 years with a Marketing Research division of Equifax
Statistical expertise, Data Processing Manager, Programming and database development and support working with clients from many industries including:

Telecommunications (AT&T, Bellsouth,...)

Retail (Best Buy, Lowes, ...)

Consumer Goods (Proctor and Gamble, GE, ...)

5 years with Hewlett-Packard's Outsourcing Division
High speed data connections, Enterprise routers, raised floor data-center design and build out, process integration between client and outsourcing vendor, Help Desk support, world-wide Network support. Companies included:

Ford Motor Company




"K" Line America

many more

Over 10 years as a Business Owner
Continuous work with multiple clients in a variety of industries and fields including:

Durable Medical Equipment - including two successful Medicare Accreditaion Projects in Woodstock, GA and Cumming, GA

Remodeling Firms in Woodstock, GA and Acworth, GA - including experience with CompuTool, Quickbooks Contractor

Law Firms - multiple small firms in Marietta, GA

Outdoor Advertising and Lighting in Marietta, GA

Manufacturing Equipment Sales

Quickbooks Desktop Terminal Server Environment,

Probation Management,

many more

Extensive Technical Expertise since 1983

Installed and currently support multiple Windows Server 2012 systems

Installed and currently support multiple wired & wireless networks

Support multiple phone and Internet contracts

Extensive work with Microsoft Access and SQL - if Access can I can.

Multiple website design and implementations complex Javascript functions.

Multiple paperless office implementations using PaperPort, Fujitsu scanners, and more

30+ years experience with computer hardware build, repair and installation

Specialize in finding the right Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, negotiating the technical details and managing implementation

Many years experience with foreign data format conversions

Disaster Recovery Planning amd Business COntinuity Planning Experience with multiple Fortune 1000 firms

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